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Gifted Psychic,
Clairvoyant Wendy,
Based in Leeds

Helping you with your recovery

Spiritual Healing: Welcome

I have an amazing gift for connecting with people, helping them in finding the light in their lives through my special readings, teaching them to get rid of bad thoughts, clearing negativity by showing their life path, and making them happy and successful via my guidelines that look at their past life, present life, and future life. Each person I work with has different goals, and I consult with them using all of my abilities. Each session is private and special, and I'm here to show everyone the power of the universe.

Spiritual Healing: Text
Tarot Reading
Positive energy
connection with souls

Tarot, Angel, and other Psychic Card Reading

My psychic card reading sessions are a great way to learn about your life or if you are stuck and need some answers to help you focus on your destination. I work with clients from all over the world. I provide both private readings and party bookings. You can meet with me in person, by video or phone conversation, or even over WhatsApp chat.

Life Coaching and Life Advice

We all have goals that we wish to achieve in order to feel spiritually and emotionally well. I believe everyone wants to improve their lives and needs a clear path to follow, but not everyone has access to the information they need. As a gifted psychic, I connect with my clients' energy and discover key details from the past, present, and future. This allows me to deliver important information to my clients in order for them to make significant life improvements.

Spiritual Guidance

Spirits, angels and wisdom from the outside or inside the universe are always there to help us. My aim is to guide you through the communication received from your loved ones who passed to spirit or your spirit guide. Receiving messages and responses from spirits gives advice in many parts of your life. If you have questions concerning a specific situation or person, I'm happy to help you.

Spiritual Healing: Services
gifted medium

"Allow the power to flow through you"
If you need a professional clairvoyant to help you with your spiritual healing arrange an appointment with me today. Call me on 
07710 655677 or email me at

"I have had a reading today. Amazing as ever, Wendy takes her time and guides you through your past present and future. Wendy allows you to reflect on what is going on in your present and guides your future. Wendy is honest and straight-talking which I love. After reading, I always leave with more clarity than when I arrived and a better understanding."

Soph F. - 09/20

Clairvoyant  Wendy
Spiritual Healing: Testimonials
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